Solve Your Biggest Problem

What’s the biggest thing that’s holding you back from the next level of success?

Is there one thing that would move you forward and build momentum and flow?

For example, would it help you to:

  • Develop a strategy to get to six or seven figures
  • Develop and hone a Big Idea that cuts through in the market
  • Sharpen up your positioning or message
  • Refresh, or find, your niche
  • Develop a roadmap to authority positioning in your industry
  • Diagnose your marketing funnel and see where it’s broken
  • Design a compelling “lead magnet”
  • Plan a book structure
  • Plan a speech structure
  • Solve a technology problem
  • Mindset and beliefs

If so, I am offering a “solve your biggest problem” session.

The Solve Your Biggest Problem Accelerator.

The Solve Your Biggest Problem Accelerator is a strategic intensive session to nail the biggest thing that’s holding you back, or the biggest thing you can do to move them forward right now.

It can be a big thing or a small thing. As long as it’s something holding you back right now, that matters to you.

It’s focusing on whatever you bring to the table in the session.

Here’s how it will work

Before your payment I will confirm with you if it’s a problem or goal that I can help you with. I’ll also confirm whether it’s a problem or goal that I believe I can help you with within one session.

For example, I could help someone create a strategy to get to 6 or 7 figures within one session, but I couldn’t actually get someone from zero  to achieving 7 figure incomes in one session.

The session itself will run for as long as it needs to to solve your biggest problem – within a two hour window.

If we solve your biggest problem in 25 minutes and you are happy and delighted with the outcome, we could either stop there, or move on to working on another big problem. It’s up to you.

The sessions will typically run at 90-120 minutes depending on what problem we are tackling.

Sometimes, of course, what you initially think is your biggest problem turns out to not be the actual main issue. If that’s the case, we’ll identify the real issue, the real thing that will really move you forward and start work on that.

For some problems we tackle, some testing, action or follow-up will be needed. Where appropriate, I will include in an additional follow up session for 15 or 30 minutes, to lock in and bed down the results of solving your biggest problem.

The guarantee

Of course, I might not be able to solve every problem for every person, even if I check in in advance to confirm what problem you want to solve and I believe I can help you solve it.

So, there is also a money-back guarantee.

At the beginning of the session I will check in to confirm with you what you want to achieve in the session. At the end of the session I will ask you if we have achieved what you wanted, or if you are happy with what we achieved. If you are not happy with where we landed and how we moved you forward, I will give you your investment back.

If we run out of time and don’t make enough progress solving your problem (as decided by you in relation tot he goals we set for the session) … then, your money back.

How much? (and, the special offer)

The Solve Your Biggest Problem Accelerator is priced at $1,000.

Which, I think, for solving one of your biggest problems might be considered relatively cheap.

There is also a special offer.

If you have never worked with me, or if you have not worked with me for several years, I am offering this “solve your biggest problem” session at $197.

Why this offer?

Sometimes there is just one thing holding you back, and you need to focus on it.

This Solve Your Biggest Problem Accelerator is designed to get past that quickly and get you into momentum.

It provides an avenue to work with me on a once-off basis to see how we work together, or if you are in one of my group programs, to get some intensive one-to-one support to move through a roadblock.

What to do

If the Solve Your Biggest Problem Accelerator might be a fit for you, let me know and we can start a discussion about the problem you want to solve.