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As part of my mission, I want to improve the way we think about business.

I have a perspective and an opinion.

And I publish new ideas regularly.

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I’m here to help leaders and change agents to live their potential, and do their life’s work.

The challenges we face are new and different.

The world keeps changing, and disruption and agility is the norm. What worked yesterday might not work today.

And more and more, people want to do work that matters, to make a difference, and to be fully expressed, on-purpose and alive.

Out-dated cookie cutter solutions don’t really work any more – we need more individualised solutions.

My mission is to

  1. Help leaders – the experts, thought leaders, visionary entrepreneurs, change agents, innovators and difference-makers – to step up, make a bigger difference, and to live their potential
  2. Help lift the game for everyone – to improve the ideas, thinking and tools available in our field and in the world

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There is a little more about my mission on my mission page.

Do You Want To Step Up To The Next Level?

Do you want to make a bigger difference and impact?

Do you want more clarity around your next steps?

I work with leaders – innovators, change agents and visionaries to do their life’s work and make their impact.

The result is more clarity, direction and an action plan – and to help leaders live their potential.

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Lauchlan Mackinnon