My mission is to help change the world and improve the way we do business.

Accordingly, I publish some ideas that I think can help, and I link to some of them on this page. 🙂

How To Find Your Vocation, Do Work You Love, and Make A Difference

I spent some time thinking about how we find our vocation while writing an article on Rethinking Ikigai.

As part of that, I developed an updated model for finding a career or business niche you love.

Startup – The Start Manifesto

Around the world, millions of new businesses are started each year.

They start in varying industries – from lawn mowing, to restaurants, to professional consulting firms to high tech startups.

Regardless of what kind of business it is, all new business founders hear the same advice – things like “write a business plan,” and “learn marketing.”

But not all businesses are the same.

A high-tech startup is completely different to a lawn mowing business, which in turn is completely different to going into practice for oneself as an accountant.

These are different types of business.

And these businesses start in different ways – it is like they are in different startup “lanes” or “tracks.”

These different lanes of business need different roadmaps for startup. They need to follow different playbooks and game plans.

Up until now, there hasn’t been a roadmap that identifies the four different startup types – and then helps you follow the right playbook, game plan and roadmap for your type.

This manifesto gives you that roadmap.

Download The Start Manifesto – Executive Summary

Download: The Start Manifesto – Full Version