I’m here to help smart, creative, and previously successful people find and clarify their purpose – their greatest path of contribution and impact – and make their difference.

I believe that purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners,  and leaders will change the world.

By building a business around doing making our difference, and doing work that matters, we are helping build a new economy – the purpose-driven economy.

My mission is to:

  • On a global level: help rebuild the global economy around a new model of business that puts people, values, and purpose at the centre.
  • On a leadership level: help leaders in the new economy actualise their potential and step up to show new paths forward
  • On a business level: help smart, creative purpose-driven people start or reinvent a successful business around their purpose, so that they can make a bigger difference and be supported financially doing it and can commit more time and resources to making their impact.

The deeper story

The underlying motivation for my work is that on a deeper spiritual level I believe that Dharma – the ancient spiritual wisdom underlying Buddhism, Yoga, and Hinduism – is about connecting to who we are, and finding our life path.

This – living our purpose and character and values – is the foundation for businesses and careers that matter and make a difference, and for a global economy that allows us all to realise our potential.

I believe that people and businesses who have been activated to live their purpose and values – their dharma – can and will change the world.