I’m here to help smart, creative, and previously successful people live their potential and make their difference.

I believe that purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners,  and leaders will change the world.

I am committed to the self-actualisation of business – a business world full of self-actualised people and self-actualised companies.

To achieve this, I am focused on activating the potential of innovators, leaders, change agents and visionaries – to do their life’s work and make their difference, with a sound business model and strategy.

The deeper story

TO a deeper spiritual level I believe that Dharma – the ancient spiritual wisdom underlying Buddhism, Yoga, and Hinduism – is about connecting to who we are, and finding our life path.

This – living our purpose and character and values – is the foundation for businesses and careers that matter and make a difference, and for a global economy that allows us all to realise our potential.

I believe that people and businesses who have been activated to live their purpose and values – their dharma – can and will change the world.