If you’ve read or heard some of my work and you’d like to connect, I’d like to talk with you too!

Here are some of the ways you can connect with me.

Contact form

You can send me a message at any time through my contact page on this site.


If you are an email subscriber, you can reply directly to any email I send you.

Social Media

I am active on social media. If we’re connected there, you can send me a message on that platform.

I’m on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauchlanmackinnon/

I don’t accept every invitation to connect. I look for some indicators that we have common interests and values.

On LinkedIn, if you send me the connection request through a browser accessed from your desktop, rather than from mobile such as iPhone or Android, you can send me a connection note along with your connection request. If you share in that note something about what of my work you’ve read and why you would like to connect with me, the chances of the connection request going through will increase!

Talk with me!

I offer four options for scheduling a session for us to talk together:

  1. A Connection Call
  2. An Initial Consulting Session
  3. A Design Call
  4. A Consulting Session

A Connection Call is a call where we connect and get to know each other better. A Connection Call can be useful if you want to talk with me about some of my ideas, talk to me about opportunities that might be of mutual interest, interview me, or you’re a friend and colleague or past client and we haven’t spoken in a while and it would be good to catch up.

An Initial Consulting Session with me is based around the principle that the quickest way to get to know if working with me is a fit for you is to … work with me! So you need a free or low-risk way to have that experience.

This is a complimentary (no fee) session, and it focused on addressing the challenges you want to solve.

This is modeled on the idea of how Lawyers or Accountants work – when you visit an Accountant or Lawyer, their first session is usually free. They may offer billable services later, but the initial session is to talk about the clients challenges, solve problems, and offer value. In an initial consulting session, we can get right to work on tackling your real challenges.

I offer an initial Consulting Session because our industry is full of people who offer “strategy sessions” or similar “breakthrough sessions”  that are really disguised sales calls sessions. I believe they send an ambiguous message about whether the call is really to help people, or to sell people into some program – and they and the clients get confused as they try to accomplish both these goals at once.

I make this clear by making my introductory session a consulting session, not  a sales call.

A Design Call with me is for people who believe or know that they may want to work with me. This call is our opportunity to get clear about who you are and your values and vision, to explore you challenges and goals, and for us to custom design a program of work to meet your needs and achieves your objectives. This is a strategic call. Because this will lead to a program custom designed for you, it will also have a custom agreed investment level for this work together. During this session, we will decide if it is a fit for us to work together, and for you to make that investment in your development through this custom tailored program.

Consulting Session is a paid session for us to work on a specific specific issue or challenge you want to address. While most of my work is offered as packages with work delivered over a period of time, I also offer one or a series of once-off sessions for those occasions where I need or want to help someone make some quick progress that does not need investment in a full custom package, but is longer than what can be covered in an Introductory Consulting Session.

Connection calls can be 30 or 60 minutes long.

An Introductory Consulting Session can be up to 60 minutes long, but please bear in mind that this also includes some time for us getting to know each other and for wrapping up with any follow-on actions afterwards. For planning purposes, consider this to be around 40 or 45 minutes of actual consulting, which is still time to cover lots of ground.

An Introductory Consulting Session can be split into two shorter sessions if it makes sense for us to do so during the initial call, so that we can do some follow up after the first session.

A Design Call is typically around 30-60 minutes.

The length of a Consulting Session can be tailored to what we expect is needed to achieve the outcome we are working towards. It could be 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Consulting Sessions can be combined, to create a 3 hour (half day) VIP strategy day or 5  hour (full day) VIP strategy day. They could also be sequenced, to allow time for action between sessions, or to follow up on results from earlier sessions.

Schedule a time to talk

To schedule one of the above sessions with me, please use the form below to provide some brief information about what kind of call you want to book and the main objective for the call.

I may not be able to reply reply immediately: if I haven’t replied within 2 business days thought, there may have been a problem with the form or its receipt by email – in which case do feel free to follow up via my contact page.

  • Without a correct email address I will not be able to reply to you to provide a link to my calendar scheduling system
  • What type of session would you like us to book together?
  • What is the main objective for the call - what would you like us to accomplish in our time together?