About My Work

I help smart, creative people make a bigger difference and impact.

I focus on helping people align their purpose and path and full expression with their vocation, to:

  • Find or reinvent who you are
  • Package your expertise and passion into compelling messages, services, and products
  • Start or grow a business to do meaningful work and make your difference
  • Find and implement the right strategies for you to differentiate yourself and succeed
  • Develop your leadership and impact

About me

I extremely interested in how to make meaningful, significant change actually happen in the world.

Understanding The Spread and Impact of Ideas

From 1999 to 2006, I undertook a Ph.D. in Economics and Philosophy, where I studied the spread and impact of economic ideas.

I was looking at which ideas become influential, and why.

I also studied the process of how economists created and developed new economic ideas.

I was working under doctoral supervisors who who were global thought leaders in their fields, such as Behavioural Economics and Evolutionary Economics.

Leading Change in Large Organisations

From 2007 to around 2017, I led organisations through the process of change as they introduced new ideas, systems, and processes into their business. How do we get key stakeholders and employees in organisations to accept, support and advocate  change?

I led change for organisation-wide, state-wide and international deployment of change for thousands of employees.

I led over 7,000 staff through this process of transition, mainly around new business processes and IT systems for projects in the $1M to $100M+ range

This involved identifying and engaging stakeholders, forming and communicating key messages, briefing and engaging employees, facilitating workshops, analysing and redesigning business processes, developing advocate and champion networks, briefing groups of staff, developing and delivering training (both classroom and e-learning) and supporting people through the psychological journey of change.

The spiritual path – the inner journey

I have been on a spiritual path since 1991. While I was a student at University of California at Berkeley, I became immersed in Buddhist and Yoga philosophies. I became vegetarian, started yoga, and started meditation. I explored the idea of becoming a monk with Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realisation Fellowship, before heading off to India, Nepal, and Sril Lanka for 6 months seeking out and visiting spiritual teachers.

Over 25 years reflecting on and practicing spiritual principles has given me insights about connecting with self, finding who we truly are, and living our values.

I am particularly focused around an understanding of “dharma” – as principles of eastern philosophy, as a practice, and as a concept of “path” to living our life.

This spiritual journey led me to additional insights as to how we go through changes and transitions in our life’s journey.

Startup and Entrepreneurship for Multifaceted, Passionate, Purpose-Driven People

From 2009, I have been exploring the process of starting up a business around your expertise to make a difference.

I took most of the major programs about how to package up your expertise to make a difference, do work you love, live your purpose and create your impact.

But none of them really worked for me.

I learned a lot … but it didn’t ‘click.’

It felt like there was something missing – a core element wasn’t there about how to put me at the centre of my business in an authentic and effective way.

And it wasn’t just me – when I went through these programs, I found large cohorts of smart, creative people who were struggling to make it all work and get the kind of expression and actualisation they wanted and make money and impact doing meaningful work around their expertise and passions.

So, I looked around for alternatives. I read books. I found boutique, smaller specialists who offered more tailored ideas for how to start and grow a unique business around one’s strengths.

This these new ideas didn’t fully answer my questions either, or get me the results I wanted.

So, I decided to knuckle down, and put my research and experimentation skills to use. What was missing in these programs? Why didn’t they work for me (and others)? What is really needed to build a business around your expertise and purpose?

I dug into it, exploring all sorts of ideas and interviewing people about their experiences.

And over several years it started coming together. I started to see what was missing.

I started to see what these programs all lacked – and what the missing pieces of the puzzle were.

I started to articulate a better way forward.

Which brought me to the point of seeing and formulating a better path forward for transformation leaders and people in the “expert” business – adding value through their expertise as coaches, consultants, workshop leaders, trainers, or other delivery modalities.

My mission

See my mission for more about my current passion and focus in my work.