My name is Lauchlan Mackinnon and I work with smart, creative and successful founders and owners of purpose-driven businesses.

I help them start and grow their businesses to the next level of doing work that matters and making their difference and impact.

My background

  • I hold a Ph.D. in Economics and Philosophy
  • I have been a coach since 2003 and a digital marketer since 1997
  • I have worked with coaches, speakers, online trainers, and other smart, creative, small business owners to get clarity and focus in and grow their businesses since 2010
  • As an Organisational Change Consultant, I led over 7,000 staff through the process of transition around new business processes and IT systems for projects in the $1M to $100M+ range

I have been researching effective startup and growth processes for purpose-driven businesses since 2010.

I have also been on a spiritual path since 1991, following Buddhist and Yoga philosophies, and I understand, can relate to, and can help with the deep work that is often required during activation.

My story

Why I do this work

Many years ago I was sitting on a train platform in India.

I was travelling alone.

My train was running very late.

As I sat there, I started feeling stabs of pain in my stomach.

Very quickly the waves of pain became tsunamis. I was convulsed with pain.

The pain ratcheted up. A fever was burning around me.

It was overwhelming. I’d never felt anything like it.

I thought I was going to die. This was it – that moment.

I looked around the platform.The platform was relatively quiet for an Indian train station.

I was going to die alone on this train platform, in a foreign land, alone.

I thought of all the loved ones I’d never see again. I thought of all those conversations that would remain unfinished.

I thought of the contribution I wanted to make – the work I wanted to do, that would never get done. I would never make my difference.

I thought of all those things I still wanted to do, but I would never get the chance.

Racked over in pain, I saw the train finally pull up to the station.

Somehow I managed to climb on to the train, get to my sleeper bed, and crash down there, convinced I’d never wake up again. I’d die right there on that train.

The next morning I did wake up. Life had given me another chance to have those conversations, to make my contribution, and to experience life.

Building a business to make an impact

I had travelled to India on a spiritual search.

On returning from India, I wanted to learn how to integrate the deeper spiritual path with western business and economic values.

This took me to doing a Ph.D. in Economics and Philosophy.

I was studying: how do real human beings – with character and values and purpose – fit into economic systems?

And I wondered, ‘how can we do business differently – with character and heart at the centre?’

I tried to imagine what business and economics would look like if it had been developed by Buddhists, who value people and put compassion, rather than self-interest, at the centre of their philosophy.

Following my Ph.D. I started working as a consultant, helping organisations lead their staff through processes of transition around new business processes and technology systems.

I also worked with small transformational business owners – coaches, speakers, and consultants – to help them grow their businesses.

This experience gave me a conviction that there are a lot of people employed by organisations that want to make a bigger difference.

And many of them are leaving professional employment and starting their own business, so that they can do work that matters and make a bigger impact.

Purpose-driven business is different

However, a lot of purpose-driven business owners are struggling to progress at the pace or level that they wanted to.

Not because of a lack of smarts or creativity – they have that in spades.

They are struggling because they are starting and running a different kind of business – a purpose-driven business. A business driven by the work they want to do, and the difference that they want to make.

A purpose-driven business operates by different rules.

The usual ‘cookie cutter’ marketing and business growth advice might not work well for them.

Their path can be different – and it can really trip us up when we don’t understand that we’re trying to run a different kind of business.

My mission

I’m here to help smart, creative, and previously successful people find and clarify their purpose – their greatest path of contribution and impact – and build and grow a business around it.

I believe that purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners,  and leaders will change the world.

By building a business around doing our work, and making our difference, we are helping build a new economy – the purpose-driven economy.

My mission is to:

  • On a global level: help rebuild the global economy around a new model of business that puts people, values, and purpose at the centre.
  • On a leadership level: help leaders in the new economy actualise their potential and step up to show new paths forward
  • On a business level: help smart, creative purpose-driven people start or reinvent a successful business around their purpose, so that they can make a bigger difference and be supported financially doing it and can commit more time and resources to making their impact.

The underlying motivation for my work is that on a deeper spiritual level I believe that Dharma – the ancient spiritual wisdom underlying Buddhism, Yoga, and Hinduism – is taking on a new form.

Dharma – living our purpose and character and values – is moving to the centre of mainstream economics and business.

The new purpose-driven economy that is emerging is deeply intertwined with and an expression of  the new form of Dharma.